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These new sunglasses complement perfectly our Perso Evo 9 model as they are lighter (just 28g) well ventilated (6 frame vents and 4 lens vents) and they were specifically designed at the request of the team that bagged 73 wins in 2018 for stages where the temperatures are very high and for the grand TOURS.

Designed and made in Italy, assembled in our laboratory in France, these sunglasses can be customised making each made-to-custom model a quite exceptional pair of sunglasses.

- 10 winds to optimise aIr flow and prevent fogging
- Weight: 28 gr.
- Adjustable temple grippers and nose bridge (for the support and comfort)


- 4 vents on the lens to prevent fogging
- 6 vents in the frame
- Adjustable temple grippers for the optimal support (wraparound effect).
- Adjustable nose bridge for the support on the face.
- EU standards approved


- Frame in ultra-light GRILAMID 


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