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OUTLAST is a sports drink mix designed to assist with hydration and sustained provision of energy before and during endurance activities. In addition to ensuring optimal energy stores and hydration before exercise, delivering additional carbohydrate and fluid during exercise is known to scientifically increase physical performance, fight fatigue and improve race times.

The Obsolete
One of the biggest mistakes amongst most sports drinks is their reliance on simple sugars as the carbohydrate source. The use of simple sugars such as glucose, sucrose, and fructose severely limits the amount of calories that can be efficiently digested and utilized for energy. Simple sugars can also cause unstable fluctuations in energy levels and stomach distress.

The Difference
The complex carbohydrate formula in OUTLAST allows you to obtain the ideal amount of calories you need and have it released strategically, keeping your muscles full by providing a more consistent and longer lasting energy supply.

The Unique Fuel Complex
Features a unique “Tri-Carb Matrix” which contains a powerful, scientifically researched effective dose of 38g carbohydrate consisting of dextrose, maltodextrin and palitinose. Delivering fast, medium and slower carbohydrates in a precise ratio to the muscles for the complete energy solution. OUTLAST represents a scientific approach to counter the negative effects of dehydration and depletion of energy stores on your performance.

Outlast you’re your expectations, Outlast your opponent, The Science of Endurance!


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